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Vantör ÅVC

Stockholm Vatten och Avfall, Karin Sundin

Stockholm Vatten och Avfall

Plant designs:
Korns Trädgårdar, Peter Korn

Plant designs:
Birnee, Per Lundström


Written about this project
Stockholm Vatten och Avfall – Växter uppåt väggarna på Vantör ÅVC

As a part of the vision “Together for the world’s most sustainable city” Stockholm’s water and waste management company put up a lush, dry-resistant vertical garden from Butong for more greenery and well-being for visitors and staff at Vantör Recycling Center.

The plants are chosen by Peter Korn and the choice was based on the sites distinctive conditions. The biodiversity and long flowering periods (March-October) benefit insect life and the overall impression is thriving wall that is partly winter-green. The plant bed consists pumice stone, sand and biochar. The biochar provides a good structure and helps the plants with nutrition, furthermore is it generated from Stockholm’s inhabitants garden waste and was produced in Stockholm’s Water and Waste Plant.

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