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Ursviks Waste facility


Builder: Butong

Customer: SAVAB

Architect: Butong

Mounting: Butong

Plants: Klinta trädgård, Peter Korn

Year: 2020

In Ursvik, a new housing area, the top modern waste management facility had a vertical garden with a faltering appearance. Butong was asked to revitalize this slightly tilted 200 sqm facade.

The panels were pressed with a hexagonal repeating pattern. The grey tone and pattern fuse with the existing building and give aesthetically values also during the barren winter.

Stormwater from the roof is harvested for irrigation purpose and stored in a large tank disguised as a bench. Passers-by can rest on this while enjoying the 64 varieties of plants that were selected to bloom throughout the whole season and some of them are edible. Strawberries, melissa, wild strawberries, oregano and wild onion are all within arms reach. During the winter months, the wall will have some winter greens and beautiful seed capsules. The planted 10 000 seedlings are of course perennials.

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