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Tree of life, Gothenburg


Builder: Butong

Customer: Wallenstam

Architect: Malin Rodling Wahlström

Montage: Butong

Plants: Klinta trädgård, Peter Korn

Year: 2020

One of Sweden´s largest property owner, Wallenstam, wanted to create a haven for bees and insects with this vertical meadow. The plants are carefully chosen to bloom during three seasons and also to give fair colours in their withered winter alter ego

Stormwater from a nearby roof is harvested and stoored in a tank. This water is watering the the panels and circulated back to the storage tank if excess irrigation occurs.  Also, the soil mixture is composed of pumice and biochar, the latter sequesters carbon.

To enhance the impression of the wall during darkness, 19 of the red panels are exempt from the water system also equipped with lights.





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