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The wigmaker, Gothenburg


Builder: Butong

Customer: Vasakronan

Architect: Burtong AB

Montage: Butong

Plants: Klinta trädgård, Peter Korn

Year: 2020

A living façade with a colour mosaic as a background for the plants now adorns Vasakronan’s property Kompassen in Gothenburg. The design of the butong panels gives this wall an artistic expression that fits in with the surrounding environment. A splash of colour to the otherwise rather grey parking garage. The plants give additional colour and life to the house and contribute food to the insects close to the city.

-Yes, it actually looks good even without plants, was the customer’s first comment after installation.

If it does not work? Replace!
There used to be a plant wall there consisting of fabric with pockets, but after that wall died twice, Vasakronan chose to replace it with a system that has been proven to work. The crucial difference between the systems is that the Butong panels do not have to be hidden by plants 100%. Usually, very small plants/cuttings are planted that grow over time and spread by root shoots. The supplier of plants is Klinta garden and Sweden’s foremost expert in the field, Peter Korn. The plants are carefully selected according to location, light conditions and composed to bloom during large parts of the year with qualities even in winter.

Powered by rainwater and ensures carbon sequestration.
The wall is irrigated with rainwater that is collected and pumped to the wall when needed. In addition, the soil replacement consists largely of biochar which is fantastic for plants while binding a lot of carbon from the atmosphere.

Vasakronan previously had a plant wall in the same place. After several failed transplants, they decided to replace the mouldy fleece mat system with Butong’s mineral-based system.

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