Vasakronan Uppsala indoor greenwall
Vasakronan Uppsala ceiling
Vasakronan Uppsala indoor greenwall
Undertak av Butong
Undertak av Butong överlappande

The tree crown

Client :

Idea & implementation :

Year :

A tree crown as a suspended ceiling.

Vasakronan contacted Butong when they wanted to refresh one of their entrances in central Uppsala. An idea for a rolling roof that reflected the feeling of walking under a tree crown where the light seeps down and creates a wonderful shadow play was presented. Svante Pettersson was consulted for lighting.

The Butong panels were cast in free organic forms. The back was painted in different leaf colors to color the light that is reflected back. The visitor can make the light swing at the touch of a button. To reinforce the impression of being in a leaf hall, the railing of the staircase was replaced with a plant wall.

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