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Roslagstull’s recycling


Stockholm Water and Waste

Concept and implementation:



Roslagstull’s recycling is located in powerful rock chambers that provide a unique environment. Apart from lighting design, there are no major interior design needs. What was nevertheless considered to have added value for recycling customers and employees was vegetation.

Butong won this procurement in competition, thanks to the fact that we could naturally take advantage of the mountain’s shape and materiality. And thus create an efficient solution that is very cheap to operate.

Butong designed a modular plant panel that climbs up the rock wall. And now a year later, the plant wall explodes with colors and tropical climbing plants.

A large part of the water demand is covered by water that naturally drips from the cave’s roof and which is of course led to the upper edge of the plant wall. A dehumidifier also helps to fill a recycled bin from which water is pumped to the wall when needed.

As part of the project, we have also delivered a number of removable floor-standing modules.
These are designed to cope with the extremely rough environment and are placed as needed when parts of the business need to be rinsed.


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