Malmö garage Anna outdoor greenwall 2
Malmö garage Anna outdoor greenwall 4
Malmö garage Anna outdoor greenwall 5

P – House Anna


Plants and planting :
Klinta garden, Peter Korn

Bird houses:
Ola Snis & Kjell Beckman

Birdhouses :
Sven-Åke Enström

Production and Assembly :

Photographer :
Jonas Höglund




Champagne! Sustainable parking garages can be beautiful. The Anna car park, where Sweden’s oldest legal graffiti wall is housed, was given a new facade in 2019, even above the plinth level. Three green walls of over 100 square meters each, with champagne-colored aluminum frames and Butong panels, now adorn the facades to the east, south and west. The plant composition of over 50 different species is adapted to the direction their facing. Peter Korn with his unique plant knowledge has chosen these with care. Irrigation is done by an automated system that is mainly supplied with water drained from roofs and solar panels at Parkeringshuset. At the top of the eastern facade, common swift houses have been integrated into the Butong panel. The entrance and exit will now also be an entry and exit route for the wild bees that settle in the Butong panel integrated secondary hotel.

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