Suspended ceiling

Introducing the world’s first concrete ceiling, we also provide a solution to your acoustic requirements. Sound is effectively diffused by the material and a suitable level of absorption can be achieved.

We make two types of ceilings. The first type, overlapping, consists of panels at different heights, and the second type, continuous, has panels placed edge to edge. Butongs casting method enables parametric patterns and fluid ceilings.

It also enables coloring that will be even and according to your wish.

Light can be diffused through the panels. The ceiling then gets a beautiful ambient pattern that creates a great feeling to the room. In case the panel is open, an interesting shadow play is created on the floor and walls.

The attachments are determined based on the conditions of your project.

Your project’s room acoustics can be designed specifically based on how you design your suspended ceiling. With Butong’s solution, this is possible.


Suspended ceiling in translucent concret from Butong in a restaurant, Paris
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Module based
Suspended ceiling in any pattern or design by Butong
Butong panels with light design
Suspended ceilings in Småland's nation Uppsala delivered by Butong


Red Canyon Vilnius acoustic panels and acoustic wall from Butong AB
Acoustic panels
Green facades in Sweden, France, Norway and Germany by Butong

Green facades

Indoor vertical garden and green wall from Butong in sustainable concrete

Green walls