We believe that the sterile walls of today will vanish for the living, breathing cities of tomorrow. We hope the advantages of Butong together with your design will help us get there. Whether you are looking for an interior or exterior green-wall – our solution is the best looking and has the easiest maintenance on the market.
Green facades Södra Larmgatan Gothenburg from Butong AB
Butong looks good in itself. The background to the plants – the actual Butong panel – is used for interior objects in exclusive settings. Our vertical gardens do not need to be 100% covered by plants at all times to look great. This allows for plant life to develop organically over time.
Butong exclusive design looks good in itself and does not need to be fully covered by plants to make a beautiful facade
Tables for VIP lounges. Design by Peter Marino Architects.
Green facades from Butong in Uppsala in sustainable concrete - for green walls that is durable and beautiful
Green facade, Uppsala
The aesthetic value of the actual Butong panel keep maintenance costs low and open up for a multitude of plants that other suppliers cannot use. We can also start from seeds or seedlings – offering the joy of seeing the wall mature and develop over time. We can also start from seeds or seedlings – offering the joy of seeing the wall mature and develop over time.
Green facade Malmö Parking House Anna from sustainable concrete panels by Butong AB
Large Butong facade Malmö. Frame in extruded anodized aluminum.
Bee hotel in Malmö on a vertical garden by Butong
Bee hotel and birdhouse on a green facade in Malmö.
Fully or partially automatic – the irrigation system is designed based on your needs. We offer closed systems with a tank that ensures that all nutrients stay in the system. The tank needs monthly inspection and refilling depending on the size of the tank. For exterior walls, rainwater can easily be used to run the system.
Diagram of rainwater distribution on a Butong green facade
Rainwater system at Påvel carpenter’s alley, Uppsala
Growth expansion on a Butong green facade in Uppsala
Development of plants at rainwater irrigated green facade, Uppsala

Your choice of folded or inox frames. Folded frames enable 3D-panels, simulating nature, allowing vegetation to be as random as it sometimes can be. For exterior walls this is an advantage keeping maintenance minimal.

Folded concrete edge example of a Butong green wall panel
Test-bed, folded frames, 3D-sail, white panel backlit.
Green facade Björn's Garden with inox frames, a light and durable solution for vertical gardens
Inox frames, fully automatic rainwater system
A green facade from Butong will lower street temperatures, handle rain-water, clean-air, and give habitat and food for insects.
Green facade with flowers in bloom by Butong AB
Green facade in bloom. Nectar for bees.
Noise-reducing vegetation is part of the Butong living walls and green facades contributions
Dense vegetation. Good noise reduction.
For people there are additional benefits. Vegetation has a proven impact on well-being and our vertical gardens are truly a piece of nature on your wall. A Butong green facade will also greatly enhance the sound environment. This is proven through acoustical tests to be Class A-C depending on plant density.
People friendly green facades by Butong AB Sweden and France
Wanted for poppy theft.
Acoustic diagram for Butong acoustic walls
Get in touch for acoustic values.

Get in touch for more information. We offer full service from drawing board to operation and we are happy to help you take your idea to the finished installation – butong@butong.se

Building Permit Butong Green Walls and vertical gardens
Illustration before investment decisions and building permit applications.
Documentation for architects on demand - Butong knows how to manage design
Documentation for architects on request.

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Acoustic panels and walls from Butong is durable and beautiful, made from translucent concrete
Acoustic panels
Suspended ceiling from translucent concrete in a wavy pattern by Butong
Suspended ceiling
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