The Butong Panel

Butong process for Architects (6mb) 

Development of the Butong Process started, in 2006, to create the feeling of light passing through autumn leaves in a thin panel.

Simply put, Butong is created by pressing a cast substance between two form-matrices with extruded cells – thus creating panels consisting of two mesh structures.

The fresh panel can be placed on any one-sided form with maintained even thickness. This makes it easy and cost-efficient for us to produce panels of an optimal and optional three-dimensional shape, in large or unique editions.

Download a suitable PDF or contact us for more information on how Butong can help you realise your design or dream.

The Butong Process, the Butong panels and the Butong applications are patent pending in various regions and patent has been granted in Japan, South Africa and USA.

Panel usage

Butong Transparent Concrete Wall
Passing light through a panel
Concrete Vertical Garden
Growing plant life through a Butong panel