Acoustic walls

At Butong we understand the importance of good acoustics!

A Good sound environment is important for health and productivity.
Likewise it communicates quality and solidity.
Conversely, poor sound environments gives a low quality stamp on the room, the owner and the business.

Butong’s acoustic filters have the market’s best fire class, A1.
Since the panel is 100% concrete, and thus adhesive-free, it is basically emission-free, with the best class in all EU standards.

Rött Atrium Vilnius

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Whether you design a room or a sound, Butong offers completely new possibilities of expression. The panels can be colored in, act as a light filter and easily formed in 3D. Thus creating the spatiality and sound environment you are aiming for. Although fixed damping is primary in many cases, we understand that sound quality depends on so much more. The open area of our filters can be controlled from zero to seventy percent without affecting the appearance, for seamless acoustic transitions.

Rött Atrium Vilnius

The cavities of the panels effectively diffuse high frequencies. And they reverberate without low frequency echo. The panels can also be easily modelled in 3D for concave and convex surfaces. The panels are shock resistant and are uneffected by moisture.




Projects with our acoustic panels are often noticed in international media and range from all interior details to large atriums. We can therefore be your solution for conceptually strong architecture. Where ceilings, walls, fixed interiors and even plant walls can be made with a unison design expression.



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